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Jessenhofke Triple

Brouwerij: Jessenhofke
Dit bier hebben we geproefd op 08-02-2012 met 6 proevers
De gemiddelde beoordeling was 6.50
Fles 33 cl .gist hoog .nof ja .THT 2012-03-17
Geuren ananas, bloemen, boter (ranzig, diacetyl, boterbabbelaar), citrus, graan, hop, mout (gerst), oude kaas, 
Smaken bloemen, citrus, fresia, grapefruit, hop, mout (gerst), salmiak (zwart-wit), 
Extra informatie over dit bier:

Kleur: geel

Helderheid: helder - waas

Schuim: ·wit, schijf,  wandklevend, stevig.

         HS     NS

Z       2       2

Z       1        2-3

B       2       3

CO2; neutraal - veel

Alcoholbeleving: 7-8 % v/v

Body; 3/5

Mondgevoel: droog verwarmend

Associatie; -

Meest voorkomende geuren: hop (3x).
Opvallende geuren: geöxideerd, maagzuur.
Meest voorkomende smaken: hop (4x), citrus (3x), bloemen (2x).
Opvallende smaken: kalk.
Ingebracht door: Johan de Vries
Volgens de brouwer:

Beer tasting assessment


Our beer is blond with a little red shine caused by the unrefined cane sugar. The foam head is dense and has a long retention.

Conclusion:  nice looking bear.


The nose of herbs are coming of the excellent hops produced by the organic hop farmer Cambie from Poperinge. One bitterhop (challenger) & 2 aromatic hops (goldings & fuggles). The herb that is used (unique beer in the world were this herb is used during the production of beer) is garlic. There is no sense or taste of garlic as this is not the goal of using herbs in beer. It gives more character to the beer.

Conclusion: the aroma is in balance with a nice herbal smell.


What you search is what you find: if you like sweetness, you will find the unrefined cane sugar, is you like bitterness, the organic hops will provide you with the requested taste, the herbalness you get for free with it.

Conclusion: the beer is well balanced with no overwhelming taste of one ingredient used in this unique beer.


This beer is a degustation beer to enjoy “regularly but moderately” as indicated on the label.

Food Pairing: 

Beer tasters like to compare our beer with Manchego cheese, Patanegro ham or olives marinated with garlic. You can use our beer as an ingredient in meals, for example mussels, seitan dishes. We publish all recipes where jessenhofke is used as an ingredient an in our flyer we present each time another recipe as publicity for the restaurant that is using our beer.