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Aventinus Weizen Eisbock

Brouwerij: Schneider Weisse
Dit bier hebben we geproefd op 25-01-2011 met 32 proevers
De gemiddelde beoordeling was 7.13
Fles 33 cl .gist hoog .nof ja .THT 2015-04-16
Geuren bosbes, druif, fruit, gist, kaneel, Karamel, kers, krenten, kruidnagel (vette worst), pruim, rook, zoet, 
Smaken alcohol, appel (zoet), banaan, bitter, boter (ranzig, diacetyl, boterbabbelaar), druif, fruit, gist, kaneel, koolzuur, krenten, peer, rood fruit, roos vicee, rozijn, zoet, 
Extra informatie over dit bier:

Kleur: ··rood - amber

Helderheid: ·troebel

Schuim: ·geen schuim

         HS     NS

Z       4       3

Z       1-2     1

B       1        2

CO2; weinig

Alcoholbeleving: 12 % v/v

Body; ·3/5

Mondgevoel: verwarmend

Meest voorkomende geuren: fruit, pruim, krenten.

Opvallende geuren: kiwi, rosé, aalbes, oud fruit, rotting.

Meest voorkomende smaken: zoet, rood fruit, alcohol.

Opvallende smaken: oud bruin,

Volgens Internet:  Stronger than strong. Powerful aromas and an intense flavour. The ideal digestive after a great dish.

Appearance - dark amber colour, almost a little cloudy in appearance. off white head, hard to tell carbonation levels. some good lacing occurring.
Smell - well balanced smell, lots of banana's and malts, followed with a good balance of spices. i can also say there are some dark fruits coming up to the nose
Taste - this is where i picked up some caramel, along with an abundance of banana. the spices are well balanced an the dark fruits add a little bitterness to the end.
Mouthfeel - carbonation adds a thickness to it, nothing out of this world. draws attention to the bitterness and overall balance of the beer.