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Brouwerij: Brasserie Fischer
Dit bier hebben we geproefd op 10-03-2010 met 10 proevers
De gemiddelde beoordeling was 5.10
Fles 25 cl .gist hoog .nof nee .THT 2010-10-01
Geuren amandel (marsepein, spijs, amaretto, bitterkoekjes), mout (gerst), muf, water, zoet, zwavel, 
Smaken bloesem, Karamel, mout (gerst), rook, roos vicee, snoepjes, suiker, water, 
Extra informatie over dit bier:

Kleur:          amber

Helderheid:         helder

Schuim:         creme-wit, ring, grove bellen

         HS         NS

Z       3         3

Z       0         0

B       0         0

CO2; veel

Alcoholbeleving:   3 % v/v

Body; 2/5

Mondgevoel: prikkelend

Associatie: donker tafelbier

Meest voorkomende geuren:  mout (5x), zoet (4x),

Opvallende geuren:  maltbier, kamperfoelie, epoxy, suikerspin, cappucino.

Meest voorkomende smaken:  suiker (4x)

Opvallende smaken:  cappucino, pralines, vanilla fudge, bubblegum. Behangplak, whiskeymout, melkchocoladebonbon.

Opmerkingen: goed voor bij het eten.

Achtergrond info:

Also known as "The Different Beer", Adelscott started back in 1982. Without advertising budget, the Adelscott needed five years to conquer the french and foreign markets. In 1987, the beer, being produced at 80'000 hectoliters, was considered as a real success.
Adelscott was the first beer flavored and coloured by peat-smoked whiskey malt. Since then, it has inspired enough breweries to make this a sub-category among the smoked beers.
Adelscott is a caramel-coloured lager. Its head is small and diminishes quickly. It has a deep, salmon-like, smoky aroma with fruity notes. The sweetness is well balanced by a smoked bitterness. The finish is dry and moderate with a touch of acidity.

love it or hate it
As this beer is not exactly the best example of balance, it is very differently appreciated. Personally, as Adelscott came out when my love for beers started, it is connected with a lot of nice events in my memory. So it could, eventually, maybe, just a little bit, skew my legendary objectivity. Here some comments from the (amazing few) ratings of the users:

·        "Terribly unbalanced. Undrinkable! Don't listen to Bov! ;-)" (omhper)

·        "Sweet, tarry & smokey. Just like a single malt whiskey" (pilsnerrogge)

·        "I can't believe how fake this flavour is." (Oakes)

·        "Smells a bit like a Schlenkerla Rauchbier and that made it a real pleasant surprise!" (austinpowers)